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Carlisle Commonwealth Community Association
Rules Regarding Facility Rental and Use

Failure to comply with these rules may result in the loss of certain member privileges and/or rental deposit.

  1. The fee for Clubhouse rental shall be one hundred dollars ($100.00) per day for all rentals and the refundable security deposit shall be two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00).

  2. Only CCCA Members may reserve and rent the clubhouse for their events. CCCA members cannot rent the clubhouse on behalf of a non-CCCA member.

  3. All functions must end by 11:00 pm and the premises be vacated by 12:00 midnight.

  4. The maximum number of people at any Clubhouse function shall be fifty (5O).

  5. All functions for minors (under 18 years of age) require one (1) adult (18 years of age or older) chaperone for every ten (10) minors.

  6. Smoking is prohibited on the premises.

  7. Illegal drug use is prohibited on the property.

  8. Guns, knives, and other weapons are prohibited on the premises.

  9. The use of grills or any other type of heat source on wooden surfaces is prohibited regardless of whether they have heat shields or other protective devices. Grills may be used on the concrete deck at least fifteen (15) feet from the pool.

  10. Decorations, posters, and other additions to the facility must be installed in such a manner as to not damage any surface and all remnants of the additions (including tape) must be removed after the event.

  11. At the end of the event, all trash must be removed from the facility and disposed of away from the property.

  12. Violation of any rule by a member or guest or damage to the facilities, equipment or furnishings may result in forfeiture of the entire deposit. Failure to keep appointments or being over ten minutes late for an appointment with the community center rental coordinator may also result in forfeiture of the deposit.

  13. All vehicles must be parked in the parking lot when space is available. Vehicles parked on the street shall not block driveways or mailboxes or impede the flow of traffic.

  14. Members and guests must comply with all laws and ordinances, including but not limited to those regulating parking, noise, and alcohol consumption.

  15. An adult member should contact the Clubhouse rental coordinator one week or more in advance of the planned event, sign the rental contract, and make separate checks to CCCA for the deposit and rental fees.

  16. The member who signs the rental contract must be present at all times during the rental event and shall be responsible for compliance with the rules and regulations by all guests and members present.

  17. The rental is for the Clubhouse only. Guests may use the pool, but the pool shall remain open to other members and their guests. The pool closes at 10:00 pm and all use of the pool and pool decks must cease at that time. Decorations and music at the pool are prohibited.

  18. Admission fees shall not be charged for functions held at the facilities.

  19. No DJs or sound systems are permitted outside the building. Sound systems are allowed inside the building, but sound must be contained within the building. Sound must be maintained at a level that does not disturb the surrounding neighbors.

  20. Twenty-four (24) hours in advance of the function, the member must place a sign on the bulletin board outside the pool area which notifies the membership of the function.

  21. If the rental of the community center is to include the use of the pool, a certified lifeguard is needed. If a member has from six (6) to twenty-five (25) people at the pool, the member must schedule the party with the Rental Coordinator and hire one (1) certified lifeguard. If the number of guests at the pool is from twenty-six (26) to fifty (50), the member must hire two (2) certified lifeguards. The lifeguards must be on duty the entire time the guests are at the pool. The required lifeguards must provide certification documentation upon request. Lifeguards may be hired from the pool company contracted by CCCA for pool management.

Rentals: Contact Edna Middlebrooks - 404-372-9845 -

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