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Joining CCCA


Carlisle Commonwealth Community Association Inc. (CCCA) is a Community Association, a residential development in which each owner is bound to a real estate organization by a set of governing documents that require adherence to a set of rules and the payment of assessments. The money collected in assessments and initiation fees is used for the operation of the association. Membership is automatic when the home of a member is purchased and there is no initiation fee.


CCCA is organized as a mandatory community association under a Georgia law known as the Georgia Property Owners' Association Act. As of August 10, 2010, 127 of the 224 lot owners in Carlisle Commonwealth were members of CCCA.


The goals of CCCA are to insure compliance with DeKalb County ordinances and provisions in the CCCA protective covenants, to promote harmony in our neighborhood, and maintain our community center and swim, tennis, and playground facilities. As CCCA grows in size and financial strength, it plans to add amenities most desired by its members. 


Through aggressive marketing and organizational structure, CCCA will strive to make Carlisle one of Atlanta's finest communities. If you would like to be part of this pivotal effort, then Carlisle Commonwealth Community Association is for you.


Annual assessments (dues) are currently $525 payable by February 15th of each year.  

CCCA Board members set the budget and annual assessments, which are reviewed by CCCA members at the annual meeting in January of each year. If you are purchasing the home of a CCCA member, the closing attorney will require any outstanding assessments to be paid at closing. 


CCCA, like most new neighborhood associations, is a mandatory real estate organization.


All of the property in Carlisle is governed by covenants that have been in place since the community was first developed. These original covenants did not provide for dues, while the new CCCA covenants were expressly constructed to allow dues and assessments. Complete copies of the Declaration of Protective Covenants for Carlisle Commonwealth are available on this web site, under CCCA Legal Documents.


CCCA is governed by the Board of Directors. The directors are elected by the CCCA members. CCCA bylaws govern the duties and responsibilities of the board of directors. All budgetary and community standards issues are subject to majority vote of those attending a meeting of members.


How to Join Us


If you purchase a CCCA member home, you are automatically a member. If you wish to join CCCA, each owner named on the property deed must consent to membership by signing a notarized "Owner Consent" form. 


If you would like more information on joining CCCA, please contact a board member. 

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