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Carlisle Commonwealth Community Association
Rules for the Use of the Swimming Pool

  1. The pool will be open from the end of May through the summer season. Days and hours of operation and changes in the schedule will be posted at the pool.
  2. Members may use the pool from 6:00 am until 10:00 pm. Access will be by key. The pool will be closed to all admittance from 10:00 pm until 6:00 am. 

  3. All adult members must read and sign the Carlisle Pool Use and Rules Form before any member of the household may use the pool, and each member must have a completed signature page on file with CCCA prior to swimming in the pool.

  4. An adult member must accompany minor members and all guests when lifeguard service is not provided.

  5. All members must let themselves in with their key, sign in at the lifeguard stand when a lifeguard is present and have their pool key tags with them at all times. The gate shall not be opened from the inside to allow any person to enter the pool area.

  6. A “Lifeguard On Duty” sign will be posted when the lifeguard is present. Parents must check for the “On Duty” sign and ensure that the lifeguard is present prior to leaving their children. 

  7. When there is a lifeguard on duty, children between the ages of seven (7) and twelve (12) must be accompanied by an adult unless they have passed a swimming test administered by the lifeguard and have the written consent of their parents. Children below the age of seven (7) must be accompanied by a parent or designated adult at all times. Parents must let children under twelve (12) years of age in with a key, sign them in at the lifeguard stand and confirm with the lifeguard that the child(ren) may stay without them.

  8. Members must always accompany their guests at the pool and be responsible for their behavior.

  9. No person with a fever, cold, inflamed eyes, skin disease, or wearing a bandage will be allowed in the pool.

  10. No children in diapers or persons wearing street clothes will be allowed in the pool. All persons in the pool must be wearing appropriate swimwear. 

  11. No glass, metal, or breakable objects are allowed in the pool area.

  12. Pets are not allowed in the pool area.

  13. Gum and tobacco chewing are prohibited in the pool area.

  14. Smoking is prohibited in the pool area.

  15. Spitting and nose blowing are prohibited in the pool area.

  16. Horseplay including but not limited to occupying, holding on to or playing on pool equipment (including but not limited to, lifeguard stand, lane ropes, or fences) is prohibited.

  17. Running, shoving, ball-playing or similar activity which could cause undue disturbance or hazard as determined by the lifeguard is prohibited.

  18. All food must be kept in the designated area or at least fifteen (15) feet from the pool.

  19. Litter must be placed in trash cans.

  20. Tennis balls are not allowed in the pool area.

  21. There will be a rest period the last ten (10) minutes of every hour during which time the lifeguard will take a break.  

  22. Directions of the lifeguard must be followed.

  23. Repeated violations of the pool rules may result in a suspension of pool privileges.

  24. Carlisle Commonwealth residents who are not members may not come as guests.

  25. Members may bring a maximum of five (5) guests per member family without prior notice to the community center rental coordinator. If a member is hosting a party of twenty-five (25) or more guests during the time a lifeguard is on duty and the guests will be using the pool, the member must hire an additional lifeguard. If a member has from six (6) to twenty-five (25) guests at the pool when a lifeguard is not present, the member must hire one (1) lifeguard, and if the number of guests at the pool when there is no lifeguard is from twenty-six (26) to fifty (50), the member must hire two (2) lifeguards. The required lifeguards must be hired from the pool company contracted by CCCA and the lifeguards must be on duty the entire time the guests are at the pool.




Rentals: Contact Greg Cornnor at 404-754-5517 or

 or Alan Thompson at 404-747-9923 or

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