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CCCA Pool and Use Rules 
Violation of CCCA Pool Use and Rules may result in suspension of pool privileges.
  1. There is NO lifeguard on duty. You swim at your own risk when you use the CCCA Pool Facilities.

  2. Pool area is open from 6:00 am until 10:00 pm.

  3. In case of Emergency Dial 911. A landline phone is in the mailbox container on the Clubhouse wall.

  4. Report all non-emergency pool issues to CCCA at 404-299-7729 (voicemail only) or

  5. If a pool pollution incident occurs (e.g., fecal contamination, vomit, blood) immediately contact Joel Armstrong at 404-217-4612 or Charlie Whitehead at 404-791-9292 or Howard Bradshaw at 770-366-0538. Alert all to evacuate the pool until the CCCA Facilities Committee representative gives the notification that the pollution incident has been handled appropriately.

  6. Only CCCA Members, their family members, and their non-Carlisle guests may use the pool.

  7. Carlisle Commonwealth residents who are not CCCA Members may not use the pool (unless an invited guest to a clubhouse rental event).

  8. All CCCA Member households must sign and submit the CCCA Pool Use and Rules Form to CCCA before the Member, their children or guests may use the pool.

  9. Every CCCA Member must sign in upon each visit using the form provided at the pool entrance.

  10. Each CCCA Member may bring a maximum of 5 guests per visit.

  11. A CCCA Member, 18 years or older, must accompany persons under the age of 18 years old and their guests for the duration of their attendance.

  12. The sponsoring CCCA Member is responsible for their children's and guests' behavior. All children must be directly supervised by the sponsoring CCCA Member or their adult designee while in the pool area.

  13. CCCA Members must have their gate key and current pool pass with them while in the pool area.

  14. Shower before entering the pool.

  15. Pollution of the pool is prohibited.

  16. No diving.

  17. The gate shall not be opened from the inside to allow any person to enter the pool area.

  18. No person with a fever, respiratory illness, inflamed eyes, skin disease, wearing a bandage, or displaying symptoms of illness shall enter the pool gate.

  19. Children under the age of 4 and incontinent persons must wear swim diapers and plastic pants in the pool.

  20. Changing of clothes and diapers must occur in the restrooms, not on the pool deck.

  21. People in the pool area must wear family-appropriate athletic wear or swimwear. Street clothing in the pool is prohibited.

  22. No loud music and audio from any device is permitted.

  23. Weapons are prohibited in the pool area.

  24. Alcohol and drugs are prohibited in the pool area.

  25. Glass, metal, and breakable objects are prohibited in the pool area.

  26. Animals are prohibited in the pool area.

  27. Gum and tobacco products are prohibited in the pool area.

  28. Smoking/vaping is prohibited in the pool area.

  29. Spitting and nose blowing are prohibited in the pool area.

  30. Holding onto pool lane ropes is prohibited.

  31. Horseplay including but not limited to holding on to or playing on pool equipment, hitting, fighting, wrestling, jumping on to another person or holding a person underwater is prohibited.

  32. Running, shoving, ball-playing or similar activity which may cause disturbance or hazard is prohibited in the pool area.

  33. Use of the CCCA lifeguard tube and floatation ring are for emergency use only.

  34. All food must be kept on the Clubhouse picnic tables at least 15 feet from the pool.

  35. Inappropriate behavior (including intimate acts) at the pool or pool area is strictly prohibited.

  36. No unauthorized grilling or cooking is allowed. Grills can only be used on the concrete deck.

  37. Litter must be placed in trash cans.

  38. Tennis balls are not allowed in the pool area.

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